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In today’s data-driven marketing world, we cannot underestimate the importance of getting the relevant insights in making business decisions. Success stories, like Netflix and Amazon, are two of the examples of leveraging on the best use of data. However, it’s not all good news for most businesses. In her Ted Talk, Tricia Wang reveals that over 73% of data projects

Marketing That Matters

Posted by Magathium on  March 24, 2020
The internet has grown global connection and communication in a way we never imagined. This has given us an easy and affordable way to tell stories about anything we care about. As recipients, we have not enjoyed being part of conversations, we craved but never had access to, as we do today. Unfortunately, this has also made us victims of
Performance measurement in marketing has been instrumental in helping marketers understand how their marketing efforts are doing. From reaching the target market to conversions. It is important, however, to get insight into the impact of what keeps the customers engaged and how they perceive it. Exploiting each moment that a customer goes through explains why these insights will lead to