A New Way to

Use Emotional Intelligence

To quantify brand strategy using metrics that matter

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People should rely on us to be empathetic in serving them. That is making change happen for better, for people who needs it, by delivering messages that are anticipated, personal and relevant. As Magathium, we prioritize efforts that matter to your customers. Helping you with psychology-driven and insights-led solutions that tell stories fit for your audience.





Why Deep Insights In Customer Interest Matter

Performance measurement in marketing has been instrumental in helping marketers understand how their marketing efforts are doing. .

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Marketing that Matters

The internet has grown global connection and communication in a way we never imagined. This has given us an easy and affordable way to tell stories about anything we care about.

Know Your Customers Beyond Demographics

Get access to more actionable insights when you know more about the stories they tell themselves about your marketing messages.

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Our Emotional Intelligence Tool - MEIA

Minimize the cost of missing out on the emerging human dynamics and take advantage of our tool MEIA .

Our psychology-based model uses proven methods to analyze and predict human behavior¬† which moves them to action. Using human experience insights, the MEIA gives us access to your customers’ expectations like never before.

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