Idea Filter for Clarity and Consistency

What Do We Do?

As entrepreneurs and business leaders, it’s easy to forget that our main job is to help people every day. Even though we talk about it, being understanding can be challenging. This can lead us to miss important ways to assist them.

Customers care about what’s important to them, whether they realize it or not. Each person is unique, so one message might not appeal to everyone. This is why it’s crucial for brands to be in tune with their customers. Building a personal connection is why successful brands create more fans and loyal customers.

To connect with people, you need to understand what motivates them. People are influenced by how they see the world. So, it’s important for brands to keep up with current trends in people’s relationships. This adds meaning to all the data a brand receives.

Magathium Strategy helps a brand become the best in the eyes of its customers. We focus on each customer as an individual, going beyond basic details. This allows us to group people with similar traits, moving from confusion to clarity and consistency. By using psychology-based methods, we change how you see your customers and position you in their minds, inspiring them to take action with the right message.

Hello there!

Hello, I’m Rody Zimete. I collaborate with business leaders and entrepreneurs to make their brands the best they can be. My goal is to help you sort through, express, and implement ideas that create stronger and more intelligent connections with your customers. By the end of our collaboration, you’ll have a clear understanding of what your brand represents, who it’s meant for, how it sets itself apart from competitors, and how to effectively communicate with your target audience.

Together, we’ll uncover what makes your brand special and what your customers truly appreciate about it. Based on shared beliefs, we’ll determine the right message to convey to your customers. Recognizing that a brand goes beyond just its design, we’ll focus on emotionally attracting your ideal clients.

How I Started Magathium Strategy

I started my journey in early 2020, just days before the COVID-19 lockdowns, right after moving to South Africa from Zimbabwe. The economic situation in my home country had taken a turn for the worse.

Despite being an Accounting graduate, I had taught myself web design and worked as a social media assistant. This sparked my interest in marketing. It seemed a bit unconventional to my parents, but I loved it.

After finishing college, I freelanced as a web designer and social media assistant for small businesses in my town. Every entrepreneur I met shared a common struggle – they had tried using social media and websites to grow their businesses but didn’t see much success.

They often told me, “We get better results when we meet potential customers in person. It’s not worth investing more online.” I would counter with, “Why do you think customers prefer meeting you in person over your website?” The response was always, “Nothing beats the human touch.” While I agreed, I wondered about the successful online brands in the same industry. I asked how they communicated with customers and discovered it went beyond just selling products. I pondered if we could find out what customers loved about these entrepreneurs.

When I moved to South Africa and struggled to find a job, I turned to books and YouTube videos. I stumbled upon psychology in marketing lectures, reigniting the questions I had a couple of years earlier. I immersed myself in psychology and emotional intelligence books, seeking insights from experts worldwide. I realized that the problem faced by entrepreneurs in Chitungwiza, my hometown, was a global issue causing potential projects and businesses to fail.

In early 2020, I developed a tool to help brands capitalize on what their fans love about them. I reached out to business owners I had worked with in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Their feedback motivated me to launch Magathium Strategy. Their insights also helped me refine the tool. I used it to sift through and articulate my ideas to my team. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to work with brands worldwide, assisting them with their ideas.

I really enjoy cartoons! They’re always on in the background when I’m not listening to a sermon or a podcast. One day, while working on this idea, I got the inspiration for “Magathium 239” from an episode of The Penguins of Madagascar, which happens to be one of my favorites. In that episode, “Magathium 239” was a chemical used for a time-traveling machine. The machine wouldn’t work without it serving as fuel. I thought this concept perfectly captured what I wanted to achieve.