Building A Brand Strategy Using Psychology and Emotional Intelligence

Sift and Articulate Your Best Ideas and Amplify Your Message

We’re all about turning your ideas into a brand that stands out. Our brand strategy intensive is your ticket to unveiling the uniqueness of your business. This is for entrepreneurs, small business owners or marketing executives.

An Actual Customer-centric Strategy Session

Craft a personalized narrative that doesn’t just amplify your message but deeply connects with your precise audience. Our approach is highly tailored, placing your specific customer at the heart of the strategy, utilizing psychology and emotionally intelligence. This isn’t just about amplification, its about authentically articulating every facet of your brand strategy. This program builds up from the Brand and Audience Clarity Program.

A Solid and Clear Plan To Outmanoeurve Competitors Through Radical Differentation

We will Work On..

We will look at your brand and audience from our Brand and Audience Program. This is where we answer questions relating to your Internal brand and Audience Persona. 

Are they really your Competitors?...

Competitors Analysis

Leveraging the same principles applied in Internal Brand Development and Audience Persona creation, we go beyond the surface to dissect and understand your competition. Through the lens of psychology and emotional intelligence, we delve deep to unveil the true nature of brands you perceive as competitors. Our meticulous analysis uncovers hidden strengths and opportunities, empowering your brand to make informed strategic decisions.

Implementing the radical differentiation...

Unique Positioning Strategy

 We conduct a comprehensive exploration to identify where your competition currently stands and strategically pinpoint areas where your brand can shine brighter, ensuring enhanced visibility and lasting memorability. Through this deep dive, we uncover the unique qualities that set your brand apart, crafting a strategic roadmap to position your brand as a standout player in the market.

Brand Strategy Intensive Process

1. The Internal Brand Discovery Phase (3 - 5 Days)

We conduct sessions to find out more about your brand’s mission, vision, and values with the leaders of the brand/solopreneur/marketing executive. This will also include finding out about the brand’s customers and competitors in detail.

2. Customer Discovery Session (7-9 Days)

We will use the information about your customers from the internal brand discovery phase to reach out and find out how the ideal customer perceives your brand.  We will use analytics and take advantage of our unique psychology and emotional intelligence model to come up with customer profiles for segmentation.

3. Brand Strategy Script Book (14 - 21 Days)

Magathium Strategy will gather and analyze the brand and customers data to come up with the Brand Strategy Script Book. It will include

• the Detailed Audience Persona,

• a Competitors Analysis • and unique Positioning Strategy.

We will include a communication strategy which will include

• A Humanized Version of Your Brand i.e. the Brand Language Tone

• The Core Messaging Framework

• The Storytelling Framework

4. Presentation, Review, and Hand-Off (2 Days)

We will report and present our findings from the above activities. You will get the opportunity to review the script before we hand it off.

What You Get From The Brand Strategy Intensive Script

This program is best suited for:

What Our Clients Say About the Brand Strategy Intensive Script...


When you book a discovery call, our team will reach out to you at the scheduled time. This call serves as an opportunity for us to better understand your needs, discuss your goals, and explore how our services can benefit you. We’ll answer any questions you may have, provide insights into our process, and initiate the initial steps toward a successful collaboration. It’s a chance for us to connect, assess compatibility, and lay the foundation for a tailored solution that aligns with your objectives. 

Typically, this program requires 6 to 8 weeks to complete. The duration may vary based on the specific details and complexity of the project, but this timeframe provides a general guideline for the expected timeline.



No, we do not provide website, logo, or graphics design services. However, you are welcome to use the script or any outputs from our collaboration as needed, including collaborating with a designer of your choice for the visual elements of your project. We focus on the strategy, or other aspects, and can offer guidance on engaging with design professionals if desired.

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In this program who go beyond your internal brand and audience. We look into:

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