Marketing That Matters

Article | By Rody Zimete

The internet has grown global connection and communication in a way we never imagined. This has given us an easy and affordable way to tell stories about anything we care about. As recipients, we have not enjoyed being part of conversations, we craved but never had access to, as we do today.

Unfortunately, this has also made us victims of unanticipated, selfish and irrelevant messages from mass marketing initiatives that have run rampage online. This has become so common that, each day, we as consumers, are learning to ignore these messages.

Successful marketers today have understood the shift that happened in the 2010s and set to dominate the 2020s. From sending mass, endless and self-serving messages to unwilling recipients to delivering expected, personalized, and relevant ones. As branding and marketing practitioners, we need an approach to understand the shift in how our customers perceive and interact with our brands. An opportunity to make our stories resonate and ultimately deliver our promise.

Marketing That Matters

Unlike the ones that we have influencing some of the marketing decisions today, the human psychology algorithm does not change. People are drawn to great ideas that matter (to them) and love to spread them. We don’t care about those we are not interested in. It’s just noise! The decisions we make on how we interact with the world, come from our internal narratives. Having insight on what they are, where they come from, and taking time to study them, makes marketing a better servant of change.

Marketing that works should seek to serve. It should strive for better. It should be human. As marketers we should have empathy towards the culture our customers subscribe to. Which will give us a superior position in telling the story that is anticipated, personal and relevant to the few it’s intended for. Ensuring that we are consistent and believable in this language becomes invaluable. In return, we get the trust that we solely need.

Our Approach

As Magathium, we prioritize efforts that matter to your customers. Helping you with psychology-driven and insight-led solutions that tell stories fit for your smallest viable audience. This is an opportunity to engage with the culture  of your customers with a message of the right design. This in turn creates bankable results that can be tracked to see their impact on the bottom line.

Join us on this journey as we discover what makes people special to make change happen. For Better Lives. Better Communities. Better Realities. Exposing New Possibilities!