Leaders’ Session and Communication Insights Guide


  • Delivery in 7 days
  • Will be coordinated via email and video call

Use psychology-driven methods to build the best communication strategy for your business. With our proprietary tool (MEIA), we use the leaders’ perception of how the brand’s communication is supposed to be, according to psychology and emotional intelligence, to come up with a customized report.

Discover, Align and Be Consistent with the Leaders’ Interview and Communication Insight Guide!

You will have access to our Magathium Specialist who will help you uncover the best voice for your brand with clarity.

The Guide will include:

  • Leaders’ will have a session with our specialist to help discover and uncover more about the brand’s communication
  • Qualified and quantified influence of the perception
  • Detailed brand personality, characteristics, and traits
  • How to exploit your brand’s strengths and improve on the weakness
  • The detailed revelation of the brand’s current and ideal customer profiles
  • Discover how these customers will respond to your marketing
  • Key messages for the best engagement
  • A reusable and sharable guide/deck delivered within 9 days

A leaders’ session should take between 45 minutes and 1 hour. It will be coordinated via email.